Time for your Yearly Diabetes Blood and Urine Tests by Dr Ryizan Nizar

Despite what many would have you believe, Diabetes management in many ways is very straightforward.  It’s all about reminding and reinforcing the same message.

What I usually do when I see my patients with Diabetes is to remind and reinforce the basics because we all forget and Diabetes sometimes can be overwhelming.

It’s not eye-catchy but that’s really how it is, and once you are familiar with the different aspects of Diabetes management you should be able to self-manage most of it.


Time for Annual Blood Tests
The following picture illustrates a list of the annual tests you need to get if you have Diabetes. If you haven’t had these tests done as suggested in the following picture then it’s probably best you get these done soon.

Aim of Diabetes management is to prevent complications such as Kidney failure, Heart attacks, nerve damage etc. These complications take many years to develop but sadly once it’s developed then it’s usually irreversible!


How can My DiabetesConnect App?
I have created the App carefully so it would remind you when a certain test is due so you don’t have to remember. 

However, if you disable the notifications then the whole purpose of the App is lost(If you are going to disable the notifications then its probably best you delete the App).

I would also appreciate if you can give us some good reviews so more people can benefit from this app.
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Dr Ryizan Nizar MD MRCP UK 
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