Using ChatGPT to help write articles! By Dr Ryizan Nizar

I have always struggled for time, to write articles on Diabetes in my blog and for my App. I currently work as a full-time Diabetes and Endocrinology Doctor(Consultant) at a busy hospital. I also have a young family so I just don’t have the time anymore to juggle everything.

But I am passionate about my little project DiabetesConnect too, but obviously, time has always been an issue. Then I tried Chat GPT..this really has transformed my life..It’s able to generate really good content using good I just have to proofread it before publishing which really is a game changer for me.

I feel ChatGPT would revolutionize things but I really hope people would only use it for good(I know its pointless to hope as people will definitely use for evil)!

I will start publishing content generated using ChatGPT soon, it is going to be lot of fun!