Weight loss tips by Dr Ryizan Nizar

1. Get a scale

Weigh yourself regularly..at least a few times a week. Having a scale and measuring your weight is the first step to losing weight.

How else can you set goals or know the ‘scale’ of the issue? Plus weighing yourself regularly makes you change your lifestyle more immediately when you notice weights going u!

2. Set a weight target

Figure out a target weight..aim for something just below the upper limit normal of your BMI. You can see your ideal body weight within the BMI tile.

3. Cut down your calories

Because it’s almost impossible to lose weight with exercise!

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is really important for overall good health but its almost impossible to lose weight with exercise. 

For example, to lose 100 calories(most chocolate bars probably have more than 100 calories) you will have to do at least 30 mins of exercise..if you have a smartwatch you can check yourself as to how much exercise is needed to lose 100 calories.

So imagine if you have to lose 1000 calories..you will have to do exercise all day! So if you don’t cut down the calories no amount of exercise will lead to weight loss.

4. But Exercise is important!

Carry on Exercise because it’s good for your health.

5. And finally play the long game

If you go for crash diets and lose a lot of weight in a small period it will probably come back as quickly! Because your body will fight with everything it’s got to regain any sudden weight loss.

So slow overtime weight loss is sustainable as your body will resist less as your body’s urge to maintain a certain weight will also be updated! And remember losing weight is hard..maintaining it is even harder.

And finally

6. Beware of BMI, check your body fat percentage from time to time as well!

It’s a bit too crude especially if you have a lot of muscles..so check your body fat percentage from time to time too.

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