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Dear All,

Welcome to the My DiabetesConnect family. 

My name is Dr Ryizan Nizar MD MRCPUK and I am a specialist Registrar in Diabetes and Endocrinology. I currently work in the UK.

The Diabetes Problem

Diabetes affects about 1 in 11 people around the world and the care you get is variable and depends on where you live.

Diabetes is a leading cause of Heart Attacks, Strokes, Kidney failure and Limb amputation around the world. So many lives are lost unnecessarily due to Diabetes.

I want to try to change that with this App. The key is that you need to take charge of your Diabetes as that is the only way we will ever reduce the complications associated with Diabetes.

Diabetes care is more than just blood glucose and this App is trying to bring all aspects of your Diabetes Care into one single place.

The biggest need?

When it comes to Diabetes care, the biggest need is the lack of a system that holds an individual’s Diabetes data, which I realized is more of a problem in the developing world. But even in the developed world often people don’t have access to their Diabetes records.

This is where My DiabetesConnect comes in to play. This App offers people the opportunity to store and track their health data for a small yearly subscription. It will also graph all your data and show what your targets are as well as your current standing in relation to such targets.

The Dashboard

We are so product to introduce the Dashboard which will instantly give you an overview of your overall Diabetes care with tiles that change colour so that you know what aspects need more focus.

And there is so much more..

Yearly Subscription

While I would love to make this totally free, to make this a viable long term venture I am forced to charge a small yearly fee for maintaining the App. The App will charge a small yearly subscription of $2.99.

There are no other hidden charges and NO advertisements either.

Other resources

My DiabetesConnect Youtube channel has a great collection of videos on Diabetes.


My DiabetesConnect Facebook page and Instagram page publishes weekly updates on how to improve your Diabetes care.


And the App will also start sending regular updates/reminders.

Thank you,
Best Regards
Dr Ryizan Nizar MD MRCP UK 
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