Diabetes and Cholesterol

The purpose of these articles is to educate and not to scare you! Once you know the risks/benefits hopefully you will be able to make an informed decision.

If you have Diabetes you should check your Cholesterol level at least once a year. The following picture illustrates the effects of high Cholesterol on your body! (Picture from Healthline). Combine that with Diabetes and these risk just multiplies.

But Cholesterol can also be easily managed with diet and medications. The most common medication used to treat high cholesterol is Statins.

A lot of people ask about the safety of Statins, one of the most commonly used medications to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks due to high Cholesterol.

There is a lot of bad press and misinformation about statins. Overwhelming evidence suggests that the benefits of statin therapy far outweigh any real or perceived risks. See image for risk/benefit of Statins. Picture from Nature(nature.com).

How can My DiabetesConnect Help?

You can now easily track your Cholesterol and also get an idea if it’s within target, above target or needs immediate attention. The App will also remind you when your next Cholesterol check is due. So now you are in control!

Watch the following video for a quick guide on how to use the Cholesterol tile.

So have you checked your cholesterol levels within the last 12 months?

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