Diabetes and Feet by Dr.Ryizan Nizar MD MRCPUK

In people with Diabetes, infection in their feet can progress rapidly and at a terrifying speed.

Look at these images of a foot infection and see what happened to this person’s foot in just 10 days(Image from NEJM). There is no better illustration of what Diabetes can do to your foot than this.

Example of Diabetes Foot Infection.

The numbers are staggering!
The following is a terrifying statistic on Diabetes Foot Ulcer’s(also known as DFU). DFU or DFU related amputations killed more people than Prostate cancer, Breast cancer and Hodgkin Lymphoma combined!

Every 30 seconds a leg is lost due to Diabetes around the world!

Diabetes Feet related Statistics.

How to check your Feet
I love the following video from Diabetes UK on how to check your feet. The Video is only about 2 minutes long and it will save your leg and money.

And with My DiabetesConnect APP, you can easily record and track your feet checks and what’s more, it will remind you if you are overdue.

Check your feet every day, and stay Safe!

Thank you,

Best Regards
Dr Ryizan Nizar MD MRCP UK 

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