Diabetes and Kidneys by Dr Ryizan Nizar MD MRCPUK

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of Kidney failure in the world.

Kidney Function

Ideally, your kidney function should be checked at least once a year using a blood and urine test(But your doctor might advise you to do it more often if your kidney function is reduced). The following picture illustrates various stages of kidney function.

The Annual Urine Test

While the blood test to check for eGFR tells about your current kidney function, it’s NOT a good way to pick up early kidney damage. The best way to pick up early kidney damage is by performing a urine test called ALBUMIN/CREATININE ratio. Picking up early damage can help us prevent kidney failure.  

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How can My DiabetesConnect App Help?

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My DiabetesConnect App will also remind you when your next routine Kidney Test is due!

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