Diabetes – It’s all about diet silly! By Dr Ryizan Nizar MD MRCPUK

Diabetes is all about Diet or more specifically it’s all about Carbohydrates(Carbs). Carbs are what drives your blood glucose high.

We consider Diet to be part of Diabetes Treatment, especially in Type 2 Diabetes.

All medications have side effects except for diet. There is a common misconception that cutting out sugar alone is adequate. In actual fact, it’s the carbohydrates that you need to cut down.

What are carbohydrates? Everything that has starch! Bread, Egg, Rice and anything made of starch.

All the carbohydrates get converted to blood glucose. So more carbs that you eat the higher the blood glucose reading will be. As the blood glucose goes up you need more medication/insulin to control it.

And this will invariably lead to weight gain. And it is a vicious cycle. Breaking this cycle is the key to better controlling your diabetes. 

Medication on its own without a better diet will almost certainly end in failure.

What should your diet look like?

I love the following picture, it illustrates beautifully what your plate should look like.

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