A little bit more about Carbohydrates, by Dr Ryizan Nizar MD MRCPUK

Carb content on some common food and its effects on your Blood Glucose.

Following infographics show how much carbohydrates are there in some common food. This should give you a quick idea of what sort of effect your daily diet is having on your blood glucose. Higher the number of sugar spoons, the higher the carbohydrate content. High carbohydrate intake will result in higher blood glucose.

So even a little change in diet can make a huge difference to your blood glucose. Don’t forget now you can track your blood glucose with My DiabetesConnect App!

What should your diet look like?
I love the following picture, it illustrates beautifully what your plate should look like.

How can ‘My DiabetesConnect App’ help?

The App’s blood glucose tile has amazing features that would make your life much easier. The App has meal specific targets and each reading you enter would change to Red, Yellow or Green to indicate if it is High, Intermediate or withing Target! 

The App also gives you an idea as to when you need to check your blood glucose. Check out the following video for a quick guide on how to use the Blood Glucose tile in the App.

I would also appreciate it if you can give us some good reviews so more people can benefit from this app.

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