COVID-19 Vaccine – I took it! by Dr Ryizan Nizar

A lot of people ask me about the COVID Vaccine..and it sometimes can be a very difficult conversation given all the misinformation out there. So instead of advising, I’m going to tell you what I am prepared to do at the moment and you can make up your own mind.

Personally, I’m prepared to take one of the 3 following vaccines given there is good data out there to support its efficacy and safety. The three vaccines I’m prepared to take at the moment are as follows.

1. Pfizer-BioNTech
2. Moderna Vaccine
3. Oxford/AstraZeneca

The other vaccines are yet to publish or complete their trials so personally, I’m not prepared to take them at this moment in time.

And this is me taking the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. I feel incredibly privileged and lucky to have received it(by the way It doesn’t hurt as much as I make it out..I am a bit of a baby when it comes to needles..still human)


Side Effects
I have only experienced some pain at the site of injection and have felt a bit like having the flu which lasted about 2 days. So its been not too bad. But that’s not to say some people might not get more severe reactions(this will be a tiny tiny tiny minority). It’s like any other medication..everyone reacts differently to medications but it shouldn’t cause many issues to the vast majority of recipients.

Remember Vaccine doesn’t prevent COVID in everyone who gets it BUT prevents most vaccinated people from getting it.

And remember that poorly controlled Diabetes increases the risk of severe COVID infections and risk of death.

Choose wisely and stay safe!

Thank you,
Best Regards
Dr. Ryizan Nizar MD MRCP UK 
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