Protect your Feet! A plea for self-review by Dr Ryizan Nizar

Sadly there has been a surge in Diabetes-related foot disease during the pandemic due to lack of access to health care professionals. 

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of leg amputation around the world. It also causes a lot of disability due to recurrent foot infections. For example, look at the following picture, things got worse in just 10 days(Image from NEJM).

So it is vital that you check your feet for sensation and any signs of skin break which can lead to foot infections. Usually, your feet would be checked by a health care professional at least once a year. But that’s just not enough!

You need to take the lead in this(like everything else in Diabetes), after all, it’s your feet!

So it is vital that you check your feet every day if possible, if not at least a few times a month. Recognizing early signs of infections can prevent long-term disability and possible foot amputation. Following videos are a very useful guide as to how you could self check your feet in a matter of 2 to 3 minutes.



The facts about diabetes foot disease are frightening!




How can the ‘My DiabetesConnec’t app help you?

With the app, you can keep a log of your feet checks and it will also remind you when your next feet check is due.


I would also appreciate it if you can give us some good reviews so more people can benefit from this app.
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Dr Ryizan Nizar MD MRCP UK 
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