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We recently introduced a cool new feature using which you can instantly calculate your Body fat percentage. We also introduced a way to track your waist circumference.

You might be wondering what waist measurement has to do with your risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Or what a healthy waist size is.

Why is your waist size important?
Carrying extra weight around your middle means fat can build up around organs, like your liver and pancreas. This can cause something called insulin resistance as the insulin can’t get through the fat. This means the insulin your body produces doesn’t work properly, and that increases your chance of having high blood glucose (sugar).

You should make sure your overall weight and body mass index (BMI) are healthy, but even if they are, you may still be at risk of type 2 diabetes if you have a large waist measurement. 

What is a healthy waist size?
This all depends on your gender and ethnicity. For a healthy measurement, you need to aim to be less than:

  • 80cm (31.5in) for all women
  • 94cm (37in) for most men
  • 90cm (35in) for South Asian men.

This is because you have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes if you are of black or South Asian background. 

(The source for the above information is DiabetesUK. You can also find some further useful information via this link- https://www.diabetes.org.uk/preventing-type-2-diabetes/waist-measurement)

Calculating Body Fat Percentage with My DiabetesConnect
While BMI is a really good way to assess your weight targets, it can some times be a bit too crude. So for example it might be that your BMI is within target but you still could have excess body fat because of your high waistline.

On the BMI tile, you can now add your  Neck, Waist and Hip(only for women) circumference. And the APP will calculate your Body Fat percentage and give a guide to where you stand in terms of reference values.

A combination of BMI and Body Fat Percentage would be a great way to improve your overall health and would give you a much more accurate idea as to how you can improve your physical health.

How to measure your Waist and Hip Circumference


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